Play Live Poker for Real Money

Playing poker in different platforms - whether live or online - have the same hand rankings and basic rules. These two platforms have their own pros and cons, and players are choosing them based on their own preference.

Online poker has its own advantages. One of them is the convenience that it can bring the players. There is no need for the players to endure a long traffic just to reach the nearest casino and play the game. With just a few clicks on their computer, or even on mobile phones, they can instantly access an online poker room.

However, many poker players argue that playing in live casino has a huge difference compared to the online version. It could be the gaming experience of holding chips or peeking at the cards. To further understand the side of live poker fanatics, let's try to understand live poker and how it works.

What is Live Poker

A live poker is a game that happens inside a land-based casino or gaming establishment wherein players can personally interact with his or her opponents, hold the poker chips, and touch the cards. In short, this game is played real time with real players.

Before the virtual version of casino games, live poker is the only way to play this game. Such game is so much fun to play as there are often bluffs going on and players can see the facial expressions of their opponents that can drop some hints on the card they are holding.

There are instances when the live poker takes longer time to play compared to its online counterpart. This is because players take time in making decisions on their hand. Distributing the cards, counting of chips, and other activities going on the table may also take some time.

Many players are also fond of watching live poker players because there is always a tension going on among the players on the table. This is something that cannot be experienced in the online poker. The tension and the unpredictable events that may occur anytime makes the live poker famous for televisions and live streaming.

How to Play Live Poker

First time experience in a poker table can be intimidating but there is nothing to worry about. As long as the players know the basic rule of the game, that's okay. There are just some tips that shouldn't be forgotten when playing live poker.

In preparation of going to the land-based poker room, players should never forget to bring their cash, ID, and jacket to protect when the room is too cold. Once seated on the game, players should always be mindful of the environment. It would be better to listen carefully to the acts of the opponents. Being mindful also involves avoiding to use cellphones. Taking a call while on the game can be disrespectful for the other players.

Live poker players are also advised to protect their cards always. This is to prevent the opponents from mucking the player's card. Players may cover the cards with their hands or put some chips on top of it.

Next thing to remember is to verbally announce the action. When a player wants to raise but he didn't say it to the table and simply added some chips, it will only be considered as call and the added chips will be returned to the player.

It is also important to tip the dealer. This is not required, but it is a common practice during the game. Most of the time, the tip depends on how much a player earned. Whenever a player encounters an issue or concern during the live game, he or she can immediately tell it to the dealer or the floorman around. They will be happy to assist the players on the game.

Best Bonuses

Rewards are also given to the players of live pokers. Players may ask the casino employees or visit their website to view the available bonus. These rewards are nice to have to increase the potential winnings.

Most of the casinos are offering Rewards Program for the players. This type of promo allows players to earn points that can then be turned into chips or credits. There are also some card rooms giving away additional chips for the player to join in the table. It is usually provided to fill out the table in order to start the game. Players should also be aware of the existing high hand bonuses or bad beat jackpot just in case they encounter one.

Have Fun

This must be the most important part of playing poker. Together with the co-players on the table, it should not always be a boring and serious time when playing the game. Part of having fun is controlling the negative emotions during the game to prevent any bad decisions.

Regardless whether it is in a live casino or online gaming site, the fun should always be there. That is the ultimate secret of winning the game.