Find out which poker software will work best for you

Selecting a poker software could be very confusing and complicated. A lot of factors have to be considered and the number of high-quality platforms is overwhelming as well. Issues like the compatibility of the poker software with the operator you are part of, its availability on Mac and the cost need to be addressed. Here is a review of the top options for you whether you're in need of a software that prioritizes tracking or calculating odds. The following are the top poker software operators. Compatibility issues could be a deciding factor. Regrettably, Mac users have lesser options.

Poker Tracker is, without question, the best in the market today. Most programs would work well with more than 300 operators. A Tracker or analyzer is among the most complicated kind of software these days. During games, it runs in the background and collects statistical data and forms it into graphs. Odds calculation involves tracking the odds and hands throughout a game so players can be advised. Software such as the Tracker, Omaha indicator and Hold'em Manager merge both odds and tracking calculation into one refined package. But new players may like to begin with an uncomplicated odds calculator prior to getting acquainted with more complicated ones that combine varying functions.

When you check forums online, there are a lot of reviews comparing Hold'em Managers with the Tracker. These are the two softwares that really stand out, yet they are quite sophisticated so a lot of users find it challenging to choose which one would fit their needs. The following is a summary of the key differences between the two so you could decide better and easier which one suits you. It is worth noting that although these two are completely different programs, they are under the same company.


Price could be a major factor for a lot of players but it isn't part of the picture when choosing between the Tracker and Hold'em Manager. The Hold'em Pro costs $99.99 while a limited package costs $59.99. An Omaha and Hold'em package is at $159.99. The Tracker software is available in 3 various formats: Omaha ($99.99), Hold'Em ($99.99) and a combination of Hold'Em and Omaha ($159.99). Poker Office offer similar perks at the price of €129.99. Omaha indicator is the most affordable at €79.99. The trial period for the Tracker and Hold'em Manager is 30 days. The Poker Office trial time is 300 hands free while the Omaha Indicator did not specify their trial period.

In conclusion, Poker Office leads the pack in terms of user interface but Tracker has the advantage for its Independent chip calculator and HUD system. Holdem Manager processes enormous data quantities faster while Poker Office is best suited for beginners. Omaha indicator is the most affordable while Holdem and Tracker dominated tracking features.