How do Online Poker Bonuses Work?

Online bonuses are a commonly offered by virtual casinos to entice players. Poker sites are no exception, and online poker bonuses are abundant. It is necessary to understand what is available out there to make the most out of each type.

Signing up for the bonus is very simple, starting out with picking a preferred gaming site, looking for bonus codes online, and then typing said code into an information box onsite. Another method, even easier but also much rarer, is for a site to have a link which only needs to be clicked for the bonus to be received.

Online poker bonuses are of different kinds, and the following are the most common:

1) No deposit bonus - All it requires for a player to enjoy this bonus is to sign up for a site. This is literally free money as no counterpart is required from the player. Admittedly, this kind of bonus is not very often found or offered by sites. Also, should a player be lucky enough to stumble on one, it is most likely in a low denomination, such as five or ten dollars. This can be attractive enough for a player though, especially one who wants to start playing without risking his own funds, or one who may take this as a personal challenge of his playing skill to build up this amount into something significant.

2) First deposit bonus - This is more commonly offered by sites, with the bonus amount matching a certain percentage of your first deposit. For example, with a 25% deposit bonus, a player gets a credit of $25 for a first deposit of $100. A player normally has to first clear this bonus, meaning he has to play a specified number of hands before receiving the value. As most sites normally indicate a maximum amount that can be availed, it is recommended to avail of it to make the most of this bonus, as this can obviously be availed of only once. It must be noted, however, a large deposit bonus may also require a longer clearing period.

3) Rakeback bonus - A rake is a small percentage of the pot that goes to the site every time a player wins the pot. This is how most online casinos make money, and the rakeback bonus allows a player to win back a certain amount of the rake that the site has withheld from his winnings. This is probably the best available online poker bonus as it does not expire, meaning you can keep on receiving it as long as you continue playing.