Poker Collusion is a Serious Problem that Must be Thwarted

There are many ways in which people cheat in order to gain access to money. Poker collusion online occurs whenever two people at the same table work together somehow to rake in the majority of the chips, thereby giving themselves an unfair advantage. In many cases, these two individuals will later split whatever they have won. It is illegal in land-based casinos, but it can actually be a problem in their internet-based counterparts.

How It's Done in Bricks-and-Mortar Establishments

Despite the fact that cheating in a casino is illegal and may have serious repercussions, people still do it. In the majority of cases, two individuals will make their way into a new venue they have never visited, sit at the same table, and use a secret language of tics, hand signals and perhaps even sounds to alert each other to what is contained in their hands.

Online Cheating - The Real Problem

The real trouble comes in the form of poker collusion online in which two or more individuals will essentially take over a table and communicate with each other via telephone or instant messaging as they do so. The goal is to manipulate the others at the table into adding to the pot only to have them fold later down the line. Self-collusion is another problem in which users create multiple accounts and seat each of their avatars at the same table, thereby providing that one individual with a huge advantage.

Though it is still a common problem, these venues are starting to wise up. They have introduced technologies that detect when the same IP addresses repeatedly log on to the same table. For the ones who do in on their own, special software exists to alert the casino owner if the same mistakes are made repeatedly which is a surefire sign that something is going on.